The Plan

Community leaders have come together to develop a plan to continue the important work in the Short North. The plan is based on a vision of the Short North being a destination like no other in the region. The plan will help to further defi ne an arts district for Central Ohio and the region that is

unsurpassed in creativity and imagination.

The plan is to further enliven the area by creating numerous tiny Pocket Parks or "streetscapes" to include areas of public art, green space, or historical journeys — all for the public to enjoy. In addition to adding green space, the Pocket Parks will serve as artistic focal points and gathering places for the community and its visitors. These distinctive "encounters in urban art and history" will create a memorable experience for visitors and residents while telling the story of the area's heritage.

Three Pocket Parks located at Millay, Poplar, and Greenwood have already been completed. Building on this success, additional parks have been planned to continue the momentum of creativity and green space in the Short North.