What does Short North Foundation Do?

The Short North Foundation contributes to neighborhood initiatives and projects with time, talent and money.
A few recent projects we've assisted and/or sponsored are:

Short North Annual Community Leadership Award
Short North Parking Initiative
Short North District Roundtables
SID Pocket Parks Campaign

Press Releases

Short North Foundation Accepting Nominations For Annual Leadership Award (09-17-2008)

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Short North Foundation Recognize Jack and Zoe Johnstone With Community Leadership Award (12-2007)

SNNF Annual Meeting to be Held November (09-21-2007)

Neighborhood Foundation To Assist VVS With $500 Grant (06-27-2007)

Neighborhood Foundation Awards $500 Grant to IVS (06-20-2007)

Neighborhood Foundation Awards $500 Grant to HWS (06-20-2007)

Short North Neighborhood Foundation Accepting Grant Requests (03-14-2007)